About Black Road

Black Road is a media company located in Austin Texas.
In a literal sense, a black road is a new road. A freshly paved road, ready to take you smoothly to your destination. That's what we aim to do for your company.
To pave a road to success through marketing and branding. We've worked with some of the biggest industries in the world.
Quality is important. It's the cornerstone in any project.
We offer that quality in the services of: Logos, Branding, Commercials, Marketing, Videos and Print.


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Video Production

From Shooting to Editing

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From Logos to Business Cards

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Web Design

Setting up and Designing your Site

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Instagram Videos to Radio Spots

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Original Custom Music for your next project

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Banners and More!

Why Black Road

We Love Design

Because we love what we do, we take pride in it.
Our goal is that you love your design as much as we do!
Our heart is in every project.
It's our goal that our clients are fully satisfied with the design work.

Custom Music

Black Road is one of the few media sites that can custom record and mix music
For your next Video or Event Project.
We also can create split track/back tracks.

On Location

Black Road although centered in CA will travel.
We've done film shoots all over the nation
BRM is available to travel wherever your shoot is.
On location shoots create a realism to any project.

Our Story

  • 2000
  • 2002
  • 2005
  • 2007
  • 2013
  • 2014
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A Project turns into a business

The beginning of Black Road Media is extremly humble. It started from a need. A small event was being put together and a logo was needed for the event. For the founder, what started as a favor for a friend through word of mouth starts to grow.

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Trade Shows

After doing multiple projects and gaining a client list the business starts to branch out as a sub contract design company for major trade shows including Oakley, Honda, Secure Horizons, Nortstrums and TTE a nation wide Talent Competition.

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Video Shoots

As the market began to expand so did the services of the company. The first video production project takes BRM's services to a five state video shoot for Nexan Inc. Filming and editing testimonial's for the companies global conferences and conventions.

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Web Design

Black Road officially makes web development part of the companies DNA.

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As projects continued to roll in the need for original music for events and the videos we create became a nessesity. To have the ability to create Royalty Free custom music for any event frees us as well as our client to dream even bigger.

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Black Road Media

Company changes it's identity to Black Road Media.